Saturday, August 21, 2010

the issue.

september is just around the corner, so naturally the magazine issues are already on the stands. vogue is of course a staple. check out this post from refinery 29 where i got this post inspiration. with magazine subscriptions to three out of the four magazines featured, i will definitely have enough reading material for at least the first week.

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of course i love elle's cover girl the most. n'uff said. even though they are all amazing ladies. but, i am looking forward to elle's justin beiber/kim kardashian spread. 

did anyone watch eat, pray, love? i watched it with mah mama. we both read the book. it was okay. but perhaps i just had such high expectations because i loved the book oh-so-much. 


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julianne. said...

i llllove the new vogue issue,
its huuuge.<3