Tuesday, August 17, 2010

i'm back! ... hopefully.

i actually scored a job offer from my internship! so yay for being employed! dear readers, oh how i wish i could devote more time to blogging. i promise to try harder. here are more fall lusts a la shopbop:

alexander wang cowl neck sweater. i'm such a sucker for a.wang. 

a. wang sydney backpack. this makes me almost want to go back to school.

a. wang diego bucket bag. i already own the rocco duffel... but i love this one as well! 

elizabeth and james safari stripe laurent dress. just so casual cool. 

kain label pocket tee. cause everyone needs a slouchy white tee.

pamela love's single picado necklace. it's tough-looking, and i like to pretend i'm tough. 


Sonya said...

Glad your'e back! I have made a comeback to the blogosphere as well, hah!


The Owl's Closet said...

welcome back, pia! omgosh, good for u! congrats on scoring that job!!:) i'm a sucker for a.wang, too. love, love that bucket bag! have a great week!


janettaylor said...

I want those sweater! Sooo sooo simple stylish!

kyeongheelee12 said...

hehe. wang. lol.

and totally agree - white tee is the best :) bought a slouchy black one..... MUST have!

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Cute pieces! Love the necklace.