Saturday, September 28, 2013

new chapter

Today I start my new chapter. I have left my "dream" job in the fashion industry to pursue even more schooling. As much as I love love love fashion, this past year has gotten way too materialistic. After every bag I buy, I magically "need" a new bag. Enough is really enough. I live in NY and closet space is seriously an issue, but this would be an issue I think even if i had a bigger closet. The time has come to step back and really re-evaluate what is important. I need to focus on my studies and my relationships with my boyfriend, family, friends. Material things come and go, there will always be the next "it" bag and new trend every season (even every week). I will miss all the people I worked with - they have taught me so much both professionally and personally. Even though today is Saturday, I woke up with the strangest feeling of freedom to focus on myself.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

i found my birthday present!

someone buy me this for my birthday. no really. please? buy it for me here. this is not a paid promotion.

Thursday, April 11, 2013

miroslava duma

i've been hiding in my (fashionable) corporate company for the past four months. and one of my cousins (hi alyka!) reminded me dearly that i had something called a blog! I've invested my time in this baby since 2009 and made me realize how much my personal style has changed over the years.

my style icons have changed and evolved as well (long live coddington!) and my current muse of the month is the gorgeous miroslava duma. russia has never looked this good.

i constantly wear solids with a good 50% of my wardrobe black. but miroslava makes me realize that color and pattern might actually be a good thing - just in time for spring!

(images: source & source)

Saturday, January 19, 2013

bright future

we survived the mayan calendar, so there is no reason why 2013 can't be my year.

i have many things i want to accomplish this year, not "resolutions" per se... but just want to better myself.

to begin the year, i think i should get mirrored sunglasses because i'm OBSESSED.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

gobble gobble

happy thanksgiving y'all. don't overstuff on turkey. or else you might look like one. we all have been warned.

image via pinterest

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

holiday lust list

i've been MIA yet again. like a boyfriend that promises he will change but never does. but i'm back and you will just have to accept it.

i've been consumed with work. consumed. but i've managed to curate my holiday wish list. what are y'all asking santa for? slash buying for yourself this weekend?
Alexander Wang, Marion Bag, $745

Alexander Wang, Marti Backpack, $850

Rag and Bone, Windsor Coat, $1895

Jennifer Zeuner, Hamsa Pendant, $165

Prada, Saffino Leather Smoking Slipper, $495

3.1 Philip Lim, Devon d'Orsay Flats, $395

all available via

Thursday, September 27, 2012

more is more

continuing my metallic trend, this post is dedicated to gold. i love anything shiny, but i especially love gold. it's so luxurious, grand and down right classy. it's both modern and traditional.

as the weather in new york is starting to cool down, i'm forced to add more layers to my outfits. thus, i am transferring this same mentality to my jewelry regimen. my tip: place a pretty bowl filled with baubbles next to where you keep your keys. thus, you are always accessorized! no excuses.

(pictures via Pinterest)

check out Gallery Atlantic for some baubble bling!