Friday, November 13, 2009

closet full of clothes

i went thrifting today! so much fun. didn't get much, a hunter's green poncho from england and a vintage nieman marcus sequin top. maybe i'll pair them together... pictures to come when i can find my camera cord!

so as i was trying to stuff these new finds into my closet... i sadly realized that i need to make some room. i can hardly fit into my closet anymore! (granted it is very small to begin with...) but now, i am terrified of being bombarded by piles of shoe boxes.

whenever i get married, i'm going to put "huge walk in closet" into the prenuptials.

until then, here are my dream closets:

i love paris hilton's layout!

i envy christina's shoe collection! she organizes it by designer.

eva's dog is so adorable.

mariah carey's closet. ultimate bliss. i think this is what heaven looks like.
she deserved two pictures.

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Karnikova said...

jesus! and jesus! i'm dying of envy! nooooo what have you done to me?!?! :)))))) these closets are perfection