Monday, August 6, 2012

stylemint review

it is no secret that i am OBSESSED with MKA. i was obsessed with them when they had their whole detective series. i own an unhealthy amount on VHS.

last month their StyleMint company had a "mystery bag" offer and i jumped at it. the whole premise of StyleMint is a membership website that offers limited t-shirt styles every month. Each t-shirt is made of quality material and costs $30. the "mystery bag" includes 3 t-shirts in a chosen size. i was skeptical because i knew that the t-shirts in these "mystery bags" are probably styles that didn't sell well in past months. but i took the chance anyways.

all nicely packaged! 

truth time: i don't wear that much color and i'm not a big fan of prints. thus this package was disappointing. i took a risk and it didn't pay off. the fabric is nice, but i can't wear these shirts. i'll probably wear it to sleep or painting. the floral or tie-dye shirts don't offend me so much. but the star print? i wouldn't wear that even if i was in third grade. #sadpanda


Hannah said...

aww I would have been disappointed too. I'm like you, I love the idea of mystery packages but I'm very particular in what i like and don't like so really chances of disappointment are fairly high


t said...

Too bad it didn't work out

fizz said...

LOL! cute post. i'm never brave enough for a mystery bag, personally. but you can also view the tops as a styling challenge! it's always fun to see if you can make something you don't like "work" =)


Lisshandra Tanata said...

I like the idea of taking a risk having those mistery bags! You know, it's always fun trying something new. For me, personally, those t-shirts aren't that bad, you can mix it up and create a really great look you know :)

Lidiya Ostafiychuk said...

Amazing t-shirts dear!!!First at all I want to say thanks to you for leaving nice comment on my last post, you are very kind. I am your new follower on GFC and Bloglovin, if you can follow me back I will be glad.

blackberryfashion said...

You have a great blog! I'm your new follower :)

lucia m said...

i love them!!