Saturday, August 20, 2011

it's all about the dress

just moved into my new apartment this week. ah, it has been a journey. my uhaul was broken into in florence, south carolina. what did they steal? my gps and my ginger ale. what? i now have an extreme love/hate (mostly hate) relationship with ikea brooklyn.

for now, i'll leave you with pictures of celebrity weddings. since ms. (soon to be mrs.) kim kardashian is getting hitched today!
 [image source: celebrity bride guide, real simple


azu said...

Ivanka and Kate's dresses are my favorites! I could see myself wearing something like Ivanka's some day :)

Hannah said...

aww love the photos. i can't wait to see what kim kardashian's dress will be like


Lindsay said...

I've always loved Nicole Richie's dress!

Becky said...

So excited to see Kim's wedding pictures ;)

Antonia said...

Fabulous pics and gorgeous gowns! I love them all! :D

Maybe we can follow each other via Bloglovin?

P.S. You can still enter FASHION IMPERATIVE giveaway!


Marielleheart said...

aaaaaah <3 Am I dreaming??

The Urban Fashion Gal said...

Very nice photos!