Monday, July 18, 2011

crystal clear

i'm so excited with my new apartment, moving day is rapidly approaching. i'm getting really into clear furniture. at first i thought it looks very uncomfortable. but they are really starting to grow on me. super modern and clean lines.

other things i'm lusting over: this adorable dog house, or rather doghaus, from bowhaus nyc.
my dog would really be adorable in it, n'est pas?


LaVerella said...

the dog house is great, and your dog looks really funny and sweet :-)

<3 Verena-Annabella

Lisa said...

I LOVE clear furniture!!!! omgosh that doggie cabana is FREAKIN' adorable.. is that your pup?? he's so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

omg love the last pic. its so cute!!

asziya & saida

LĂ­via Salazar said...

great post, love that dog (:

Ice Pandora said...

Have fun decorating your place ^___^
these interior are gorge!


cryskay said...

i adore clear lucite furniture! cant wait to see how you decorate your new place! xx

Phuong said...

beautiful home inspiration photos

Travel in Style

azu said...

Ooh I love those pics! Your doggie is so cute :)

Great blog. I'm now following!