Tuesday, May 10, 2011

birthday suit

so, my birthday has come and gone. birthdays past the age of 21 aren't as eventful as they use to be. my birthday last year was pretty tame too. i blame it always falling within exam week. even though i am not in school, i pretty much celebrate on cinco de mayo - few days prior to my joyeux anniversaire. i can't complain to a day dedicated to tequila and sombreros. this year, i took the low-key approach and had a seaside dinner with the beau.

 [dress: zara, bag: chanel]
 [watch: michael kors, bracelet: chan luu]

can't complain. the sunset was beautiful.


Sonya said...

Ah, love charthouse! So delish.

freyja said...

so pretty, love the blue :)

Thu said...

This is beautiful!

pepa said...

Lovely photos
Love it!!!

Visit my new blog :)


Kisses from pepa :X

Vision of a Dreamer said...

Loving the blue!