Wednesday, July 14, 2010

wtf was that ending?

1. i normally dress more conservatively, but i love audrina's dress. audrina should re-dye her hair. 
2. love kristin's dress as well. but wonder if the lace looks cheap up close.
3. lo is one of my favy-wavies of all the seasons. 
4. how did stephanie get so skinny? i need her secret.

Lo's hair is lookin fierce. 
Whitney! I want her legs. And look... Kelly found a brush and makeup. 
ahh... season 1, teen vogue. i wish MTV could hook me up with a killer internship.
Laguna. This show made my hopes for high school soar, only to be vastly disappointed. 

my own life can be summed up in one word: work. i hope to return to blogging sometime soon. many thanks to those that still read :)


Melissa said...

People have told me I look like Audrina,but I really don't see it... Hehe (:
& I love all of their dresses but I've seen Lauren in more flattering outfits.

xx, Melissa

julianne. said...

ohhh how i loved laguna. i feel the same way about it.
but im totally inlove with LC and kristens dresses.
they look amazing.<3

Shannon King said...

Hahahahaa gorgeous pictures & your thoughts are exactly mine! my biggest question: seriously, what the fuck was the ending? did she go to europe (which would've been a crazy spin-off) or did she stay in socal? apparently she stayed, but that's so predictable. xx

Yelena said...

didn't watch the finale, but these pics are great! :)
lol my life is all work too :(

Anonymous said...

They all looked Fab at the Series Finale.

l a said...

I'm totally not a huge fan of the Hills but I did watch the finale..and was like WTF ??? lol. It was crazy.

All the girls look gorgeous in these pictures !

love your blog